firefly studio

Firefly Studio, is the private home studio of drummer Karl Latham. Firefly Studio is equipped with state of the art preamps, converters and microphones optimally selected for producing and recording remote drum tracks for addition to projects from any point on the globe, as well as, live drum tracks and rhythm section tracks.  Karl is a proud endorsee for Radial Engineering, AEA Microphones Heil Sound and RME.

A wide array of Yamaha Drums, including 2 sets of Yamaha Maple Custom Drums, 2 sets of Yamaha Hybrid Maple Custom Drums, Paiste Cymbals Masters Collection, Paiste Traditionals, Paiste 602’s, Paiste Big Beat, Paiste Dark Energy, Paiste Modern Essentials, Evans Drumheads and many percussion instruments allow for creating tracks in almost any genre of contemporary music. 

Microphone choices run the gamut, AEA N8′ Stereo Pair, AEA R84 Pair, Serano Vintage 87, AKG 414 Stereo Pair and AKG 451 Stereo Pair for drum overheads or other applications. Heil PR40, Beyer 88, Shure Beta 52, Avantone Pro Kick and Aston Spirit for bass drum; Heil PR22UT, Shure 57, Oktava , snare drum; for Sennheisser 421’s Toms. 

Other equipment available includes a classic Royer 121 Shure SM57 guitar amp combo, Radial JDI’s J48’s HDI (Bass DI), AEA RPQ2, Grace M101 (2), Heritage Audio HA73EQX2, CAPI VP28 (5) Hairball Lola (3), Presonus DigiMax (original), Studio Logic SL88 Studio weighted keyboard, Keyscape and  Arturia V Collection. 

The studio is powered by RME UFX into ProTools 12 with a wide range of Waves, Slate Audio, SoftTube and other plugins. 

Firefly is a personal use studio and is not available for commercial hire.

Howard Paul

Freddie Hendrix

John Lee

Alex Collins

Gary Foote

John Hart/ Mark Egan