Music Name : The Yellow Way
Artist Name : Johannes Mossinger NY Quartet
Description : Recorded live at Loft, Cologne, Germany. November 2006/April 2007. Recorded, mixed by Stefan Deistler. Produced by J. Mossinger.
Release Year : 2008
Release Note : Waterpipe Records Best Nr: 977 494D-79227 Schallstadt, Germany


Johannes Mossinger : Piano
Don Braden : Saxophone
Kermit Driscoll : Bass
Andy McKee : Bass
Karl Latham : Drums

Track Listing

  1. It’s Time to be a Greenhorn
  2. The Yellow Way
  3. Pictures of Love
  4. Meeting Different Worlds
  5. Behind the Eyes
  6. When God Takes a Break
  7. Splanshy Squeeze
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