Music Name : Somewhere Out There
Artist Name : Deodato
Description :
Release Year : 1989
Release Note : Released Nov. 07, 1989 on Atlantic Records (82048-2)


Michael Bolton : Arranger
Bing Bingham : Vocals (bckgr)
Greg Calbi : mastering
Jay Canfora : Piano, Arranger
Angela Cappelli : Vocals (bckgr)
Kevin Clark : Arranger
Eumir Deodato : Synthesizer, Producer
Dave Fields : Guitar
Jon Goldberger : Mixing
Randy Goodrum : Arranger
Lani Groves : Vocals (bckgr)
Mark Harder : Mixing assistant
Doug James : Arranger, Vocals (bckgr)
Joe James : Arranger, Programming, Vocals
Alan Palanker : Keyboards, Programming
Mark Radice : Arranger
Tom Regis : Arranger
Andy Snitzer : Sax (Tenor)
Chris Tergesen : Mixing
Tom Hammer : Arranger, Keyboards, Programming
Kevin Jasper : Keyboards, Programming
Karl Latham : Drum Programming
Robert Manella : Photography
Berny Cosgrove : Arranger, Vocals (bckgr)
Kennya Deodato : Cover Design
P. Diblasi : Arranger
K. Horvat : Arranger
Angel Ugarte : Engineer, Mixing assistant

Track Listing

  1. Best Lovers (Are The Best Of Friends)
  2. Everybody Wants My Girl
  3. I Believe In This Love
  4. In This World
  5. Where Can You Run When A Lover Says Goodbye
  6. Somewhere Out There
  7. Stay With Me
  8. Forever For You
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