Music Name : Light In The House
Artist Name : Lavender Light
Description : * Lavender Light Website
Release Year : 2000


Gregg Payne : Musical Director
M. E. Grant : Recitation
Michael Dionissiou : Lead Vocal
L. Wolfe : Lead Vocal
D. Marable, M. Owens, A. P. Suter : Trio
C. R. Wright : Lead Vocal
J. Ruiz : Lead Vocal
J. Buck, A. Van Goodman, M. E. Grant, G. Jefferson, K. J. Smith, T. Winston : Sextet
C. Roberts : Lead Vocal
T. Spivey : Lead Vocal
L. Pino : Lead Vocal
C. Bennett Brack : Lead Vocal
K. Payne : Lead Vocal
A. P. Suter : Lead Vocal
John Lee : Bass
G. Jefferson : Soprano Saxophone
Karl Latham : Drums

Track Listing

  1. The Mission Statement
  2. Come And Go With Me
  3. Light In My Window
  4. This Is The Day (Rejoice)
  5. When The Praises Go Up
  6. Let Everything That Hath Breath
  7. Speak To My Heart
  8. I Will Sing Praises
  9. I’ve Gotta Sing My Song
  10. Couldn’t Keep It To Myself
  11. You Rescued Me
  12. Let It Shine
  13. Just As I Am
  14. Sweeping Through The City
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