“Living Standards” Mike Dolbear Review

Living Standards (CD) – Karl Latham, Mark Egan & Vic Juris

Featuring three incredible musicians and veterans of their instrument, ‘Living Standards’ is an 11 track compilation of some of the 20th centuries finest songs, but in a jazz fusion arrangement.

Opening with a version of the Beetles classic ‘Day Tripper’, there is also a reworking of Princes’ Cinnamon Girl, as well as ‘Riders on the Storm’ from the Doors, finishing with the Cream Classic, ‘White Room’.

I found some of the tracks were more instantly recognisable than others, which in some ways is rather nice; it’s not meant to be a straight cover of these songs after all, but a jazz fusion interpretation and I feel the band really delivered; not that you would expect any less!

Not only was Karl playing the drums for this release but he is also credited as the producer, once again proving that drummers can have a lot more input than just hitting the skins.

It’s a great release and if you’re into jazz/fusion music it’s one that’s well worth a look.

Rob Crisp