Unit 1 – Jazz Weekly Review

What a joy this last record is. Bassist Mark Egan, best known for his stint with Pat Metheny and his own band Elements, has one of the most identifiable and pleasant electric bass sounds around. Here, he teams up with kindred spirits John Hart/g and Karl Latham for a fresh look at jazz standards. Sure, you’ve heard material like “Old Folks,” “All Blues” and “My One and Only Love” a billion times, but these guys put an bit of funk and world music feel into the idiom, and it fits like a pair of blue jeans out of the dryer. The pair of Monk tunes, “Epistrophy” and “Bemsha Swing” have a sizzle that is irresistible, while “Footprints” has an alluring spacey-ness to it. Their interplay, particularly on the calypso “St. Thomas” is something that can only be achieved by artists who have this music in their dna. What a blast!!!