Karl Latham “Living Standards”

with Mark Egan and Vic Juris

“Day Tripper”

“Cinnamon Girl”


“Us and Them”


Latham/Carniaux/Egan “Constellations”

Ryan Carniaux – Trumpet/ Mark Egan – Bass/ Nick Rolfe – Keyboards


“Desired Constellations”

“I See Who You Are”

“Draco Rexus”

Mark Egan/Karl Latham/John Hart “Unit”

Mark Egan – Bass/ John Hart – Guitar

“Old Folks”



“Mr. Clean”

Don Braden/Karl Latham “Big FunK”

Don Braden Tenor Sax/Flute/ Nick Rolfe Keyboards/ Gary Foote – Bass

“High Rise”

“Grover Miles”

“The Funky View”

Karl Latham “Resonance”

John Hart – Guitar / Vinnie Cutro -Trumpet/ Kermit Driscoll Bass

“Spanish Castle Magic”

“Manic Depression”

“Higher Ground”

“Pastime Paradise”

Andy Snitzer “Traveler”


“Taking Off”


Andy Snitzer “American Beauty”


“American Beauty”

“September ’79”

Johannes Mossinger “December Suite”

Johannes Mossinger – Piano/ Joel Frahm – Tenor Saxophone/ Calvin Jones – Bass

“The Black Loft”


“December Suite Part 3”


“Relaxation of the Mind”

“December Suite Part 2”


“The Entrance”

Johannes Mossinger “Rules/No Rules”

Johannes Mossinger – Piano/ Calvin Jones – Bass


“Again and Again”

“Argue with Red”

“Behind the Eyes”

“Dream Dancer”

“Feel It”


Johannes Mossinger “Nu Love”

Johannes Mossinger – Piano/ Bob Malach – Tenor Saxophone/ Kermit Driscoll – Bass

“Meeting Different Worlds”

“North Africa”

“Tango for the Unknown”


Johannes Mossinger “The New Jersey Session”

Johannes Mossinger – Piano/ Boris Kozlov – Bass/ Seamus Blake – Saxophone

“It’s Time to be a Greenhorn”


Johannes Mössinger Trio 

Johannes Mossinger – Piano/ Kermit Driscoll – Bass/ Joe Lovano Tenor Saxophone

“Brilliant Corners”


“Bemsha Swing”


Karl Latham “Dancing Spirits”

Bob Malach – Tenor Saxophone/ John Lee – Bass/ Tom Guarna – Guitar

“Spirits Rise”

“Baiao Katrin”

Bryan Steele – Tenor Saxophone/ Mitch Stein – Guitar/ Kip Reed – Bass

“Three Lanes to Phila”

“The Newcomer”


Charlie Elgart “Balance”

“Sight Unseen”

Charlie Elgart “Signs of Life”





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