Music Name : Right Here For You
Artist Name : Michael Dean
Description : More Info
Release Year : 1997
Release Note : Released April 8, 1997 on Moo Records(MP-60022)


Michael Dean : Vocal and Background Vocals
Bruce Saunders : Guitars
Otmaro Ruiz : Keyboards and Synthesizers
Tim Ries : Sax
Tony Scherr : Bass
John Tennyson : Piano
Karl Latham : Drums
Satoshi Takeichi : Percussion
Kate Sullivan : Background Vocals
Severin Browne : Background Vocals
Yoshio J. Maki : Background Vocals

Track Listing

  1. Saddness in Your Eyes
  2. More and More
  3. Right Here for You
  4. Take Them All Back
  5. Form the Heart
  6. Here Today
  7. Stay Here Tonight
  8. Live Today
  9. Things That I Say
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