Study drumming with Karl Latham in his state-of-the-art teaching facility, or through online lessons via Skype

To set up in person or virtual Lessons contact Karl at

Karl is an Adjunct Professor of Percussion at:

  • Drew University
  • County College of Morris
  • Passaic County Community College

Private studies with Karl are available in the Northwest New Jersey/New York area, Drew University (Madison, NJ) or via video conferencing concentrating on many different facets of contemporary drumming.

Karl’s formal education:
Rutgers University; Berklee College of Music; B.S.S. Ohio University
Private study with Gary Chester, Joe Morello, Freddie Waits, Michael Carvin and various master lessons with top Jazz and World rhythm drummers.

Many of Karl’s students have won Countywide, Regional and All-State competitions in New Jersey and have continued their studies at many prestigious institutions including:  Berklee College of Music, Mason Gross School of the Arts, SUNY Purchase, Montclair University, William Paterson University, Julliard School of Music,  Manhattan School of Music and CalArts.


Student Testimonials

James Carolin

“I took weekly lessons with Karl Latham throughout high school and still set up a lesson when I need to hone any drumming skill set. Karl enforces versatility in his students, while never neglecting to help them to reach their own musical goals. A mix of discipline, creativity and passion for the instrument  are what I had instilled in me throughout my time taking lessons from Karl. The ample experience Karl possesses as a professional drummer is shared with no hesitation in each lesson. Whether it is regarding his work touring, or in the studio, Karl’s hands on knowledge augments each lesson. In lessons Karl is always encouraging, but never fails to call out a lackluster practice ethic. I have been very fortunate to have taken lessons from Karl Latham and would recommend any drummer looking to open their horizons to do the same.” – James Carolan

Travis Hudelson

“I came to Karl as an older, advanced player with a professional background and experience across live, recording, classical, jazz, rock and pop situations.  From the first lesson, and exponentially after about the third, my playing and approach was radically altered- and all for the better.  Karl’s experience, manner and practical approach was exactly what I needed to grow as a player and reinvigorate myself as a drummer.  I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to expand their horizons, fill in any weak spots, and realize more of your potential.”

Andrew McMains 

“His passion for the drums is infectious and he patiently deconstructs rhythms so you can grasp them and improve.”

Ricardo Duran

“Professor Latham has shown me that with hard work and commitment, I can achieve more than I thought was possible. Most importantly, he taught me how to have fun”

Luke Franc

“KL is the ultimate mentor. He is easily the most giving teacher I have ever known. I mean he is giving of his time, his attention, his knowledge, his sage advice, and perhaps most importantly, his love of all music in such a way that cannot be matched by any other teacher. I remember once an “hour long” lesson turned into two and a half hours, including 45 minutes of checking out various recordings, 45 minutes of drumset work, AND a tour of his studio. In my lessons with Karl, he taught me so much more than just world class technical concepts. He is always so creative and thorough. We covered everything from classical snare drum etudes to five part independence exercises from Gary Chester’s “New Breed”. Everyday I play the drums, I take inspiration from my memories of Karl. Teaching ability aside, Karl is one of the most memorable people I’ve ever met, and I’m so thankful to have been his student.”

Luke Franc Undergraduate Music Major University of Miami

Ryan Krieger

Karl taught me so much. I remember how happy and excited I felt from the lessons and that I was given all of these new tools to realize my goals. I have taken lessons from other industry professionals, however my time spent with Karl was the most memorable and enlightening.”

Ryan Krieger. L.A. studio and touring drummer.

Matt Cunningham

“I had the opportunity to study drum set with Karl during my high school years, 1997 to 2001.  I had studied with local teachers for several years prior, but no lessons I had could have prepared me for what Karl had to offer. Studying with Karl rapidly brought my music reading, coordination and technique to levels I could not have imagined achievable at that age. After studying with Karl for a time, I noticed that I wasn’t just playing notes anymore; I was playing music.”

With Karl’s encouragement and requirement to “practice every day that you eat,” I consistently won first chair in snare drum, tympani and auxiliary percussion for the All County Band, as well as first chair in snare drum for Area Band and Region Band. I am confident that, had I not studied with Karl Latham, I would not have received scholarships to Mason Gross School of the Arts and Berklee College of Music. I ultimately chose to study classical percussion at Mason Gross for a year before transferring Purchase College, State University of New York, where I continued my studies with world-renowned jazz drummers John Riley (Miles Davis, Vanguard Orchestra) and Richie Morales (Spyro Gyra). While I learned much from subsequent teachers, today when I am in the practice room, I consistently return to my notebooks from high school, filled with exercises and ideas I took from Karl. When I’m on gigs in New York City, across the country or at a festival in Europe, I warm up with things Karl taught me. When I show up to a gig and am handed charts I’ve never seen to perform with musicians I’ve never met, I rely on the tools Karl gave me and the foundation he helped me build to get through the show and make music happen. I would not be the musician I am today, nor would I be making a living playing music, had it not been for Karl’s dedication to education and his willingness to share his real life experiences as a world-class performing musician.

Matt Cunningham Drummer OXZANA

“Exceptional Educator”

Kevin Huber

I studied with Karl back in the 80’s and it was by far the best decision I’ve ever made musically. Karl completely changed the way I viewed the drums AND the way I listened to music. While I haven’t studied with Karl for many years, his teachings brought my playing to a level where I was able to get 95% of the gigs I set out to attain. This isn’t to sound self-promoting about my own playing, but it’s a testament to the depth and passion behind his teaching…he truly prepares his students to compete. I’ve studied with other renowned drummers, but in the end, it was Karl’s teachings that I feel made the real difference in my playing. Anyone can teach a few things here and there and call themselves a “teacher”…but having the experience, knowledge and ability to REALLY teach, is a whole different level, and Karl has achieved that level several times over. If I didn’t live in Tampa, I’d still be studying with him to this day. My only regret in studying with Karl is that I didn’t practice harder and was sometimes unprepared for my lessons, and that was my loss. My advice? If you’re serious about the art of drumming, study with Karl, but work hard and keep up with his lessons, don’t slack! He is well aware of what you need to learn, and he doesn’t throw stuff at you for the heck of it!! Be serious!

“Simply the Best”


Karl is not only a phenomenal player, but the man truly understands how to teach. I learned more for him in one year than i did in the past 7 years of my drumming experience with multiple teachers. Karl is the all around complete package. He can teach almost any style one could wish to learn. He has a great personality, a brilliant mind, and a true understanding of what it means to teach. As for his ability on the drums, all one needs to do is hear him play. I promise you’ll be sold. I recommend Karl highly to anyone with an open mind who wants to learn.

Evan Silberstein

“I have been playing the drums ever since I was a kid and never have I had a teacher like Karl Latham.  In the year and a half I have been with him, my skills have grown immensely and so has my inspiration to become great.  I was successfully admitted into the 2017 Eastman Summer Jazz program, which I owe to Karl’s quality teachings. My career may take me away from the New York/New Jersey area, but I will always find opportunities to train with Karl!”