The nascency of the “Desired Constellation” Project was a dream that drummer Karl Latham had after his first listening of Bjork’s “Volta” recording. Karl would play the CD incessantly, in every free moment, discovering and rediscovering the limitless creative vision of Bjork. A long time fan of Bjork’s genius, Karl had attempted to pay homage to Bjork on a recording of “Pagan Poetry” on his critically acclaimed “Resonance” CD, but felt longing to attempt a personally, more “true” representation of his impression of Bjork.

Karl approached the concept with close friend and iconic bassist Mark Egan. Collectively they considered many musicians to realize the vision, never settling on a group or instrumentation, but as constellations align, Mark and Karl performed in July of 2012 on Wolfgang Lackerschmid’s “Magic Brewery” recording. The music recorded was magic and an immediate personal and creative magical bond was formed with rising star trumpeter Ryan Carniaux. Karl knew he had found the third element toward realizing the project coalescing in his mind.

Karl, Mark and keyboardist, vocalist and composer Nick Rolfe had performed many times together and Karl realized from the height of magic “free” moments with Nick in performances with Big Funk that Nick Rolfe was the final piece to introduce to the project.

In March of 2013 the universe aligned, Ryan Carniaux was going to be in the US, Nick, Mark and Karl were off the road and Barbershop Studios and engineer Jeremy Gillespie were all available. Little pre-production was utilized, the group hoped to capture their own personal impressions of Bjork’s artistry and create soundscapes reflective of their shared collective vision.

The result is the music you are about to experience: a journey, explorations of conscious and subconscious reality and humble homage to the vision of one of the 20th Century’s most influential creative forces.