Brian Kastan/Karl Latham/Christopher Dean Sullivan “Thread” now available

Brian Kastan/Karl Latham/Christopher Dean Sullivan “Thread” now available at Itunes and

Jerry Vivino “Coast to Coast” coming soon

I am honored to appear on Jerry Vivino’s upcoming Blu-Jazz Records Release “Coast to Coast”

Featuring a roster of L.A. and N.Y’s finest musicians including Bucky And Martin Pizzarelli, The late great Lew Soloff, Brian Charette, Shawn Pelton, Kermit Driscol, Ken Levinsky, John Arbo, Mark Sganga, Karl Latham, Andy Langham, John Leftwich, Ron Stout, Kevin Axt, Mitch Forman and Bernie Dresel.


Karl Latham/Ryan Carniaux/Mark Egan – “Constellations”

Music Name : “Constellations”
Artist Name : Karl Latham – Ryan Carniaux – Mark Egan
Description :
Release Year : March 2015
Release Note : Double Moon Records
Mixing and Mastering: Recorded and Mixed at Barbershop Studios, Mastering by Fred Kervorkian Mastering, Avatar Studios, NY
Producer : Karl Latham, Ryan Carniaux, Mark Egan


Karl Latham : Drums/Percussion
Ryan Carniaux :
Mark Egan : Electric Bass

Nick Rolfe: Keyboards


Track Listing

  1. Hope
  2. Draco Rexus
  3. Wanderlust
  4. Desired Constellations
  5. Frejya
  6. My Juvenile
  7. The Dull Flame of Desire
  8. Godhi
  9. I See Who You Are
  10. Alugsukat
  11. Huldu Folk
  12. Ostara

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Karl Latham – “Living Standards”

Music Name : “Living Standards”
Artist Name : Karl Latham
Description : DropzoneJazz Records
Release Year : April 2016
Release Note : Recorded at Firefly Studio, Warwick, NY by Karl Latham, with additional Engineering by Jeremy Gillespie
Mixing and Mastering: Paul Wickliffe
Producer : Karl Latham


Karl Latham : Drums/Percussion

Mark Egan : Electric Bass

Vic Juris: Electric Guitar


Track Listing

  1. Day Tripper
  2. Low Rider
  3. Cinnamon Girl
  4. Tax Man
  5. Us and Them
  6. It’s Your Thing
  7. White Rabbit
  8. Tomorrow Never Knows
  9. Had to Cry Today
  10. Riders on the Storm
  11. White Room

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Wolfgang Lackerschmid Connection “Magic Brewery”


Music Name : Magic Brewery
Artist Name : Wolfgang Lackerschmid Connection
Description :
Release Year : October 4, 2013
Release Note : Recorded at Traumraum Studios, Augsburg, Germany
Recording Engineer : Wolfgang Lackerschmid
Producer : Wolfgang Lackerschmid


Wolfgang Lackerschmid : Vibraphone, Marimba/Composer
Mark Egan : Electric Bass
Ryan Carniaux : Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Karl Latham : Drums/Percussion


Track Listing

  1. Lullaby Of Birdland – Not
  2. Boats In The Air
  3. Lady F.
  4. Got More Sun
  5. Slinky
  6. Alone Together
  7. Story Circle
  8. Magic Brewery

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UNIT1 Mark Egan Karl Latham John Hart


CD Name : Unit1
Artist Name : Mark Egan/Karl Latham/John Hart
Description :
Release Year : 2012
Release Note : Recorded Live New Jersey, July, 2008
Recording Engineer : Jon Lorman, Mark Egan
Mastered at : Phil Magnoti, NYC,
Producer : Mark Egan


Mark Egan : Electric Freless Bass
John Hart : Guitar
Karl Latham : Drums

Track Listing

  1. Old Folks
  2. Epistrophy
  3. Willow Weep for Me
  4. All Blues
  5. St. Thomas
  6. Mr. Clean
  7. Bemsha Swing
  8. Footprints
  9. My One and Only Love

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JazzTimes “50 of the Top Jazz CDs for 2013”

50 of the Top Jazz CDs for 2013

Scott Albin


The Best Jazz of 2013

Os melhores do jazz em 2013 – The Best Jazz of 2013!
The results of the 35th Annual Jazz Station Poll conducted by jazz journalist, jazz historian & jazz educator Arnaldo DeSouteiro.,CD,OBI,front,VACM7116).jpg

2013 Drums: 1º Steve Gadd (“Gadditude” – BFM Jazz/VideoArts); 2º Harvey Mason (“Live in Tokyo” DVD w/ Fourplay – GRP Studios); 3º Jack DeJohnette (“Somewhere” w/ Keith Jarrett – ECM); 4º Zé Eduardo Nazário (“Bing Bang Boom!” w/ John Stein – Whaling City Sound); 5º Mauricio Zottarelli (“This Is What Happened” w/ Amanda Ruzza – Pimenta Music); 6º Vinnie Colaiuta (“Experience Montreux / The Imagine Project” w/ Herbie Hancock – 3D Blu-ray Eagle Vision); 7º Karl Latham (“Unity 1” w/ Mark Egan – Wavetone); 8º Joe Corsello (“Reunion” w/ Gene Bertoncini – Ambient Records); 9º Antonio Sanchez (“New Life” – CAM Jazz); 10º Ben Perowsky (“Live at JazzFest Berlin” w/ Ronnie Cuber – SteepleChase); 11º Famoudou Don Moye (“Permission” w/ Molly Holm – Rinny Zin Records)


Johannes Mossinger Quartet Live

Music Name : Johannes Mossinger Quartet LIVE
Artist Name : Johannes Mossinger
Description : Recorded November 2009 and May 2010 at Loft Cologne, Germany
Stefan Deistler Engineer
Release Year : 2010


Johannes Mossinger : Piano/Composer
Joel Frahm : Sax
Calvin Jones : Bass
Karl Latham : Drums/Percussion

Track Listing

  1. Joana’s Dance
  2. Back to the Future
  3. Walkin’ Out
  4. Nowhere
  5. Landscapes
  6. Norway
  7. Space of Time
  8. Cologne
  9. Epilog

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Johannes Mossinger “December Suite”


Music Name : December Suite
Artist Name : Johannes Mossinger
Description :
Release Year : 2013
Release Note : Recorded at: SkylinePro, Clinton, NJ, December 2010
Recording Engineer : Paul Wickliffe
Producer : Johannes Mossinger


Johannes Mossinger : Piano/Composer
Calvin Jones : Bass
Joel Frahm : Tenor Saxophone
Karl Latham : Drums

Track Listing

    1. December Suite Part 1
    2. December Suite Part 2
    3. December Suite Part 3
    4. December Suite Part 4
    5. Nature
    6. Winter Dream
    7. Relaxation of the Mind 1
    8. Ice
    9. Talking
    10. It’s Snowing
    11. More
    12. Paranoid
    13. Relaxation of the Mind 2
    14. The Entrance
    15. The Hiding Place
    16. The Black Loft

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Don Braden/Karl Latham “Big Funk Live”

Music Name : Don Braden/Karl Latham Big Funk Live
Artist Name : Don Braden/Karl Latham
Description :
Release Year : 2012
Release Note : Recorded at: Cecil’s Jazz Club, West Orange, NJ
Recording Engineer : Don Braden
Mastered at :
Producer : Don Braden
Co-Producer : Karl Latham


Don Braden : Tenor Sax, Alto Flute
Karl Latham : Drums
Nick Rolfe : Keyboards
Gary Foote : Bass

Track Listing

  1. High Rise
  2. DejaVu
  3. A Foote in the Door
  4. Having a Ball
  5. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
  6. The Funky View
  7. Heads Up
  8. ConfusionSong for Mother
  9. Grover Miles

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Andy Snitzer “Traveler”

Music Name : Traveler’
Artist Name : Andy Snitzer
Description :
Release Year : 2011
Release Note : Recorded at: Visionary Music Group Studio New Jersey, July, 2011
Recording Engineer : Tom Gioia
Mastered at : Masterdisk, NYC,
Producer : Andy Snitzer
Co-Producer : David Mann


Andy Snitzer : Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Synths, Rhythm Programming, Fender Rhodes
Alain Mallet : Piano, Rhodes, Synths
David Mann : Flute, EWI, Synths, Rhythm Programming
Chris Botti : Trumpet
Michael Davs : Trombone
Chuck Loeb : Guitar
Bernd Schoenhart : Guitar
Tom Gioia : Guitar
Tim Lefebvre : Bass
James Genus : Bass
David Finck : Bass
Ralph MacDonald : Percussion
Karl Latham : Drums

Track Listing

  1. Marseille
  2. Bohemia
  3. Lausanne
  4. Love Song
  5. Taking Off
  6. Traveler
  7. Mystique
  8. VeruEarth From Above
  9. Covenant

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