Howard Paul/Jody Espina CD Release

It was such an honor to appear with Howard Paul (President Benedetto Guitars), Jody Espina (President JodyJazz) , Mark Peterson and Andres Forero (guest appearance on percussion) for the recent shows supporting the CD release of “The Presidents”.

The group had the honor to perform at the Miner Family Vineyard and at the Napa Blue Note, with a special guest appearance by Dave Miner.

NAMM 2017 Yamaha Drum Artist Family Picture

Very honored to be a member of the family of Yamaha Drum Artists, among so many heroes!


Great Hang At NAMM 2017

It was so great to see soooo many colleagues and friends in my musical family!!!

TY to all of my endorsement companies for your love and generosity

and it was a GREAT Honor to perform at the Legere Reeds/JodyJazz 2017 NAMM Jazz Jam as the “house” drummer for the jam…

28 different saxophonists from all over the world playing everything from latin to funk to LOTS of straight ahead 🙂

thanks for having me

And it is always a GREAT pleasure to hang with master musician and brother Andres Forero!

love HIM

The 38th Annual Jazz Station Awards / The Best Jazz of 2016

The 38th Annual Jazz Station Awards / The Best Jazz of 2016

The Best Jazz of 2016! – Os melhores do jazz em 2016

2016 Drums: 1. Zé Eduardo Nazario (“Uma Lenda Ao Vivo” w/ Grupo Um – Selo Sesc); 2. Steve Gadd (“Way Back Home – Live From Rochester, NY” – BFM Jazz); 3. Billy Hart (“The Broader Picture” – Enja); 4. Mauricio Zottarelli (“Chromatic Dialogues” w/ Gustavo Assis-Brasil – Anamria Records); 5. Drori Mondlak (“Of Mystery And Beauty” w/ Karolina Strassmayer – Lilypad Music); 6. Bobby Previte (“Early Americans” w/ Jane Ira Bloom – Outline); 7. Karl Latham (“Living Standards” – Dropzone Jazz Records); 8. Brian Andres (“This Could Be That” – Bacalo Records); 9. Joey Baron (“At This Time” w/Steve Kuhn – Sunnyside); 10. Jack DeJohnette (“In Movement” – ECM); 11. Peter Erskine (“All L.A. Band” w/ Bob Mintzer – Fuzzy Music); 12. Reggie Quinerly (“Avid Admirer – The Jimmy Knepper Project” w/ Reggie Watkins – Bynk Records); 13. Nate Smith (“Randy Pop!” w/ Randy Brecker – Piloo Records); 14. Jerome Jennings (“The Beast” – Iola Records); 15. Eric Harland (“1954” w/ Ricardo Grilli – Tone Rogue Records); 16. Bill Stewart (“Country For Old Men” w/ John Scofield – Impulse!)

The Best 25 Instrumental Jazz CDs

Randy Brecker: “Randy Pop!” (Piloo Records)

Dave Liebman & Richie Beirach: “Balladscapes” (Intuition)

Shunzo Ohno: “ReNew” (Pulsebeats Records)

Karolina Strassmayer & Drori Mondlak – Klaro: “Of Mystery And Beauty” (Lilypad Music)

Francisco Fattoruso: “Khronos” (Agadu/Cíclope)
Karl Latham w/ Mark Egan & Vic Juris: “Living Standards” (Dropzone Jazz Records)

Grupo Um: “Uma Lenda Ao Vivo” (Selo Sesc)

Wadada Leo Smith: “America’s National Parks” (Cuneiform Records)

Jane Ira Bloom: “Early Americans” (Outline)

Reggie Watkins: “Avid Admirer – The Jimmy Knepper Project” (Bynk Records)
Lupa Dantiago 4teto + Ed Neumeister: “Ubuntu” (Soundfinger)
Carlos Franzetti: “Argentum” (Sunnyside)

The Brecker Brothers Band Reunion: “The Heavy Metal Bebop Tour ’14 In Japan” – Ward Records)

Brian Andres And The Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel: “This Could Be That” (Bacalo Records)

Peggy Stern: “Z Octet” (Estrellas)

Andrea Brachfeld: “Lotus Blossom” (Jazzheads)

Gustavo Assis-Brasil: “Chromatic Dialogues” (Anamaria Records)

Russ Nolan: “Sanctuary From The Ordinary – Live at Firehouse 12” (Rhinoceruss Music)

Roberta Piket: “One For Marian – Celebrating Marian McPartland” (Thirteenth Note Records)

Mark Little & Joe Caploe: “The Shed” (Windmill Valley Recording)

Alphawellenreiter: “Evolution” (Phonector)

Richie Cole: “Plays Ballads & Love Songs” (RCP)

Jerome Jennings: “The Beast” (Iola Records)

Ricardo Grilli: “1954” (Tone Rogue Records)

Jarrett Cherner Trio: “Expanding Heart” (Bald Hill Records)

2016 Electric Bass: 1. Mark Egan (“Living Standards” w/ Karl Latham – Dropzone Jazz Records); 2. Neil Jason (“The Heavy Metal Bebop Tour ’14 In Japan” w/ The Brecker Brothers Band Reunion – Ward Records); 3. Steve Swallow (“Andando El Tiempo” w/ Carla Bley – ECM); 4. Francisco Fattoruso (“Khronos” – Agadu/Cíclope); 5. John Patitucci (“Randy Pop!” w/ Randy Brecker – Pillo Records); 6. Aaron Germain (“This Could Be That” w/ Brian Anders And The Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel – Bacalo Records); 7. Anthony Jackson (“Spark” w/ Hiromi – Telarc); 8. Matthew Garrison (“In Movement” w/ Jack DeJohnette – ECM); 9. Jimmy Johnson (“Way Back Home – Live From Rochester, NY” w/ Steve Gadd Band – BFM Jazz); 10. Dezron Douglas (“Wax & Wane” w/ Brandee Younger – Revive Music); 11. Tony Grey (“Chromatic Dialogues” w/ Gustavo Assis-Brasil – Anamaria Records)

2016 Electric Guitar: 1. Barry Finnerty (“The Heavy Metal Bebop Tour ’14 In Japan” w/ The Brecker Brothers Band Reunion – Ward Records); 2. Vic Juris (“Living Standards” w/ Karl Latham – Dropzone Jazz Records); 3. Pat Metheny (“The Unity Sessions” – Nonesuch); 4. Ricardo Grilli (“1954” – Tone Rogue Records); 5. Lupa Santiago (“Ubuntu” – Soundfinger); 6. Gustavo Assis-Brasil (“Chromatic Dialogues” – Anamaria Records); 7. Dirk Bell (“Evolution” w/ Alphawellenreiter – Phonector); 8. Peter Bernstein (“Let Loose” – Smoke Sessions); 9. John Scofield (“Country For Old Men” – Impulse!); 10. Eric Susoeff (“Plays Ballads & Love Songs” w/ Richie Cole – RCP); 11. Fabrizio Sotti (“Forty” – Sotti Entertainment)