Big Funk at SCCC Thursdays on the Green July 7th

BIG FUNK to perform July 7th

Thursday, July 7thBlues, Jazz and Funk

Big Funk will perform blues, jazz, and funk along with opening act, The Christopher Dean Band!

BIG FUNK is lead by jazz saxophone legend Don Braden and internationally renowned drummer Karl Latham. Their hard hitting groove/jazz/soul jam band will get you moving one way or another. Formed with keyboardist Nick Rolfe and Gary Foote, the group explores new territories in jazz and funk featuring original compositions and arrangements of classics from the Beatles to Beyoncé. Mr. Braden is virtually jazz royalty, having performed with such legendary musicians such as Wynton Marsalis, Tony Williams, Freddie Hubbard and composing for the Cosby Show for many years. Mr. Braden is also the Musical Director of the NJPAC Jazz for Teens Program. Mr. Latham is a staple in the European jazz scene and has performed with noteworthy artists such as Mark Egan, Bill Evans, John Lee and the Fantasy Band. Mr. Latham is an Adjunct Professor at SCCC.

Johannes Mossinger Quartet Live in Heilbronn

Joel Frahm Sax, Calvin Jones Bass, Johannes Mossinger Piano, Composition

Roseanna Vitro Randy Newman Project gig in Reading, Pa

great band : Pete McCullough, Sara Caswell, KL, Roseanna Vitro and Mark soskin

Johannes Mossinger Quartet @ Fringe Festival

Joel Frahm and Karl Latham

at Fringe Festival

Karl recently performed at the Fringe Festival with the Johannes Mossinger Quartet!

Recklinghausen “Fringe”Festival Review JMQ



Recklinghausen. Set The four virtuoso jazz musicians of the New York Quartet “, a steady pulse driven by a high-class set

Fringe means not only the cultural “edge”, the outlying areas away from the established mainstream. The Jazz in the Freiburg John Mössinger of strangers would not even in the finest concert halls. His “New York Quartet” maintains the right tone between dreamy and lyrical, and a huge drive.

At the start of their three concerts Sparkasse Vest as a co-sponsor of the “weird” festival a particularly distinguished Formation in the deepest jazz diaspora was invited. . And despite the classic line up of drums, bass, piano and saxophone this quartet acted not only conservative values: Instead of the canon of the “American Songbook” to work, presented the band leader and pianist exclusively his own compositions, with a preference of the rich material of his latest double album ” Rules – no Rules.

Rules and “no rules” (the latter said, however, never atonal noise-explosions): In this charming area of conflict moved the four-rounder with enthusiasm. The compositions Mössinger John, which he presented only once, unfortunately, with their title, are characterized by a steady pulse that connects the individual works as a comprehensive suite.

The ensemble playing, however, ensures that this river never melts in uniformity. Drummer Karl Latham drives his players with obvious enthusiasm. Calvin Jones tugs and strokes his bass with dedication and to the lyrical moments – but he also suggests the thumb on the strings, as it is otherwise known only from the e-bass funk.

Saxophonist Joel Frahm finally shows thanks to its stylistic range, from the smoky-shrouded chief Balla to hard bop tube as an ideal sparring partner for the flashes of melodic pianist.

All four instruments were miked, but perfectly modulated to a convincing transparent sound. A central composition of the 90-minute sets John Mössinger then has yet presented by name: “Joanne’s Dance”, a mini-suite within the comprehensive “suite” of this concert was moving at quite natural grandeur between Karl Latham battery upgraded (with Gong and sheet-strokes) and a reverie of a Nordic look.

Mark Egan and Karl Latham at New Age Spa July 1st and 2nd

Mark Egan and Karl Latham at the New Age Health Spa July 1st and 2nd

Paiste Magazine

Karl is featured in the new Paiste Magazine on page 24 with a pic and quote about the new Paiste Mastrers Collection Rides..

Andy Snitzer Traveler Release April 19

Featuring Featuring
Chris Botti
David Mann
James Genus
Chuck Loeb
Tim Lefebvfre
Tom Gioia
Ralph Macdonald
Mike Davis