Wolfgang Lackerschmid release “Shoe It Yourself”

Had a nice wake up email, the great vibraphonist Wolfgang Wilhelm Lackerschmid just released a fun single I played on with Cameron Brown and Ed Cherry, that was a fun band both on the band stand and in and out of the van,this single is available at Itunes 🙂

Karl Latham Lessons at ToneRow

On Line Drum Lessons and Master Classes


I hope you are safe and well.

In these challenging times many of us are faced with the need to stay centered, focused and healthy in mind and body.

I adapted very quickly to incorporate new technology and teaching methods in an effort to support my many collegiate and private drum students, as rapidly as I could,  in this time of change.

I am utilizing a multi camera presentation with high quality video and audio via the Zoom Conferencing platform. Students can utilize technology ranging  as simple as Iphone and ear buds to their own DAW.

I am offering reduced rate instruction for those who may require assistance. I can only imagine what it would be like for an aspiring drummer in this time. I want to make my self available to anyone who wants to learn any of the knowledge that I have to offer.

I concentrate mainly in studies geared toward developing broad based tools to be ultimately incorporated in drum set performance. Specific areas of concentration are Gary Chester “The New Breed”, modern jazz drumming skills, funk drumming, rock drumming, basics of Brazilian and Cuban Rhythms for drum set, chart reading, time keeping.


for further information karl.latham (@) gmail.com please mention www.karllatham.com

Jerry Vivino Quartet

Super fun hit with star musician Jerry Vivino and deep bench players Martin Pizzarelli and Kenny Levinsky

Ali Ryerson Quartet

Sacred Heart University with the wonderful Ali Ryerson, David Finck and John DiMartino


Shirelles in Vegas

Fun Whirlwind Trip to Las Vegas with the Shirelles

these days I wear many hats, Music Director, Drummer, Road Manager, Bread Warmer 🙂


NAMM 2020 Highlight Pix

First Sub Date At ATP

Very honored to be on the sub list for a wonderful drummer and person at a great show, with a super fun drum book, to boot the President and Secretary Clinton were at my first sub date. GEEZ!

Steve Myerson Calvin Jones Shanghai Jazz

Brian Kastan and Dave Mullen at Kastan Art Space