Ep.5 – The benefits of studying The New Breed w/ Karl Latham

Students of the Master, Teach – ONE2ONE on “The New Breed”

I was recently honored to be requested by Katrina Chester to contribute to this wonderful series along with Kenny Arnoff, Chris Coleman, Gary Seligson, Corey Roberts and Tony Cruz. More videos are coming soon from other Gary Chester students.


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A NEW video series breaking-down one of the most difficult systems for drummers with original students share their private lessons with legendary drummer, Gary Chester. As the author of The New Breed, Gary played on over 14,000 sessions in the late 50’s, 60’s and 70’s honing his systems later shared with legions around the world. Guest drummers also share how Gary and his system’s had a huge impact on them! For the first time since Gary’s death 30+ years ago NEW BREED LESSONS are possible! Want to study The New Breed system one2one and in-depth on ZOOM with a teacher of Garys? EMAIL now for limited slots- GaryChesterTheDrummer@gmail.com (Brought to you by the official legacy of Gary Chester – Author of The New Breed.)
Do YOU want to study The New Breed on Zoom? Now you can! (Read Below) Limited spots available. We are proud to finally offer the global community of drummers (on-line and in real-time via Zoom) in-depth private lessons from original students who studied with the late, great Gary Chester — legendary session drummer, world renowned teacher, and author of #1 selling book The New Breed. If you are interested in studying The New Breed (with original Gary students or special guest drummers throughout the series) we’re connecting drummers to teachers. Inquires can be sent to Katrina @GaryChesterTheDrummer@gmail.com. The current episode features original student, drummer and teacher, Karl Latham. Tony, along with his partner, Katrina Chester (Gary’s daughter) are currently producing a full-length documentary on Gary, one of the most recorded drummers on the East Coast of America playing on over 14,000 sessions in the late 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s with music industry legends. For up to the date information on the documentary and more Gary news and community go to: http://www.Facebook.com/GaryChesterThe Drummer Coming Soon! — The Gary Chester Documentary Website (by the end of 2020) Follow on FB – NEW VIDEO SERIES made for the SERIOUS working DRUMMER – The New Breed kind of SERIOUS – https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=683… To Purchase “The New Breed” ~paper or digital~ go to https://hudsonmusic.com/product/the-n… Gary Chester Partial Credit List can be seen at: https://www.facebook.com/notes/gary-c… Gary Chester & The New Breed on INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/thenewbreed… Gary Chester Channel on YouTube: www.youtube.com/GaryChesterTheDrummer Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4v0#TheNewBreed, #GaryChester, #StudyDrums, #DrumLessons, #Drummers #KarlLatham #ModernDrummer #GaryChesterStudent #DrumTeachers #sessiondrummer

Karl Latham Mitch Stein Alex Collins Gary Foote “Living Standards Revisited”

Karl Latham Mitch Stein Alex Collins Gary Foote “Living Standards Revisited


Mitch Stein/Gary Foote/Karl Latham “Musings” Friday July 24 7pm-9pm

Concerts from the Cabin 

Mitch Stein one NYC top guitarists Mitch Stein has performed with Tania Maria, Don Alias and Stone Alliance, Randy Brecker, The Brecker Brothers, Bill Evans, Steve Kimock, Steve Gadd, Anthony Jackson.
Gary Foote first call NYC bassist has toured for decades with Blood, Sweat and Tears and Smokey Robinson and countless others. Songwriter/Producer Gary Foote is a long time member of the Motown family, whether behind the scenes Scoring for film & television or working with Iconic artist Smokey Robinson.
Karl Latham has performed across the entire spectrum of artists, from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members to avant garde jazz to Broadway shows.

Concerts from the Cabin

Concerts from the Cabin

The Cabin in the Woods is a virtual space to create (socially distanced) music, collaborate, preach love and happiness and share this experience with our family, friends and fans.
I started streaming concerts from my studio in June and hope to do so every Friday (that I do not have a live show) and some Saturdays 7-9pm. At this point I will be playing with friends that I know practice social distancing 🙂 but when things become safer I hope to invite other drummers and groups to come up and play here to spread the joyful noise!

Here are some links to previous shows:

Ken Levinsky/Gary Foote/Karl Latham “Friendships”


Concerts from the Cabin Schedule

Concerts from the Cabin

The Cabin in the Woods is a virtual space to create (socially distanced) music, collaborate, preach love and happiness and share this experience with our family, friends and fans.

Past Shows


Upcoming schedule


SATURDAY, JULY 18, 2020 AT 7 PM – 9 PM

John Lee with special guest Freddie Hendrix “Visiting Masters”

FRIDAY, JULY 24, 2020 AT 7 PM – 9 PM



Don Braden/Karl Latham Big Fun(K)

Wolfgang Lackerschmid release “Shoe It Yourself”

Had a nice wake up email, the great vibraphonist Wolfgang Wilhelm Lackerschmid just released a fun single I played on with Cameron Brown and Ed Cherry, that was a fun band both on the band stand and in and out of the van,this single is available at Itunes 🙂

On Line Drum Lessons and Master Classes


I hope you are safe and well.

In these challenging times many of us are faced with the need to stay centered, focused and healthy in mind and body.

I adapted very quickly to incorporate new technology and teaching methods in an effort to support my many collegiate and private drum students, as rapidly as I could,  in this time of change.

I am utilizing a multi camera presentation with high quality video and audio via the Zoom Conferencing platform. Students can utilize technology ranging  as simple as Iphone and ear buds to their own DAW.

I am offering reduced rate instruction for those who may require assistance. I can only imagine what it would be like for an aspiring drummer in this time. I want to make my self available to anyone who wants to learn any of the knowledge that I have to offer.

I concentrate mainly in studies geared toward developing broad based tools to be ultimately incorporated in drum set performance. Specific areas of concentration are Gary Chester “The New Breed”, modern jazz drumming skills, funk drumming, rock drumming, basics of Brazilian and Cuban Rhythms for drum set, chart reading, time keeping.


for further information karl.latham (@) gmail.com please mention www.karllatham.com

Jerry Vivino Quartet

Super fun hit with star musician Jerry Vivino and deep bench players Martin Pizzarelli and Kenny Levinsky

Steve Myerson Calvin Jones Shanghai Jazz

Savannah Jazz Festival September 2019

Some pix from the Savannah Jazz Festival

I wore quite a few hats for two weeks playing in quartet with Lenore Raphael at Jazz Corner, Hilton Head, with the opening jazz at Savannah Jazz Festival, various quartet and trio gigs with Howard Paul and as “house” drummer for the Savannah Jazz Festival Jam Sessions, the highlight of the trip was sharing the stage with the brilliant #AnatCohen