Big Funk

A Groove/Jazz/Soul Journey
The Don Braden/Karl Latham co-led Jam/Jazz/Funk group, Big Fun(k), is a dream band for the group of musicians who have known each other and played in various groups together for years. Each member is well known for their individual careers as band leaders, sidemen, studio players and road men. Coming together in this collection
brings out the best in each player.
Don Braden is a widely respected saxophone player who tours the world with top artists such as Wynton Marsalis, Freddie Hubbard, Roy Haynes, the late Tony Williamsand many others. In addition, Don has produced 15 CDs as a leader and spent years as a composer for Bill Cosby.

Don Braden/Karl Latham Big Funk @ BandCamp

Karl Latham is based in Warwick, New York.